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DirectionService - تعليمات المستخدم



  1. DirectionService - تعليمات المستخدم
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لماذا تستخدم DirectionService؟

يمكنك أن تكتب من اليمين إلى اليسار في لغات مثل العبرية و العربية في معظم برامج OSX . لكن لأن التعامل مع اتجاه الكتابة اليمينية غير كاملة فإن علامات الإستفهام و غيرها من العلامات تظهر في غير مكانها الصحيح. كذلك استخدام اللغة الإنجليزية مع العربية في نفس الجملة مستحيل.


This problem can be solved in a rather simple way as proposed by a very nice person known as [WWW] Mitz Pettel, by inserting a Unicode Right to Left mark at the beginning of each paragraph using the Unicode Hex Input keyboard layout. Later, Oren (better known as OBOS4ALL) found an application you can configure to insert direction mark when you press the Return key (see KeyXing). The direction service is doing a similar task: inserting directional marks into the text, thus setting the directionality of the text. The direction service has some advantages over the other solutions: It is easier to install, easier to use, costs less, and can do much more then insert direction marks (currently it does not, though).

متي يجب عليك استخدام DirectionService

Tip: If you want to create a styled text for people using a PC, the best way is to save the file as PDF, because Hebrew RTF files with direction marks do not open nicely on a PC. Some people are happy with the results, but I am not - You should try it yourself. If you create a PDF file, I would recommend using real Hebrew word processor like Mellel, which supports character and paragraph styles, justified text etc.

كيفية التنصيب

Like any other service, you can put this software into one of the Services folders. If you are the only user on your Mac, you can put the direction service into the Services folder in your Library folder inside your home folder. You can also put the service into the Services folder in the Library folder inside the partition where Mac OS X is installed. If you can't find these folders, you can created them yourself.

After you put DirectionService in it place, you should Log Out, and then Log In, in order to activate the service.

كيفية الإستخدام

Select direction of writing

Place the cursor in the point where you want to start a new writing direction, usually in the start of a new paragraph after you pressed the Return key - do not select any text, because it will be deleted! Choose the menu command Start Right to Left or Start Left to Right from the Direction menu in the Services menu, and keep writing as usual. You will be pleased to find that you can mix Hebrew and English text nicely. When you want to return to the default writing direction (left to right) Choose the menu command End Direction. If you to write entire paragraph with one direction, you could omit the direction ending mark. this works nicely with TextEdit and Mail, but might not display correctly in other applications or platforms.

Change the Direction of Existing Paragraph

Place the cursor in the beginning of the paragraph, do not select any text, because it will be deleted! and choose the menu command Start Right to Left or Start Left to Right from the Direction menu in the Services menu. The directionality of the text from the insertion point to the end of the paragraph will change. Again, you could omit the direction ending mark.

Chage the Direction of Some Text Within a Paragraph

Choose the text you want to change - a whole paragraph, some words or characters, as you need, and choose the menu command Right to Left or Left to Right. The selected text will change its direction.

اختصارات لوحة التحكم

من أحد فوائد هذه الخدمة أنه ممكن أن تستعمل اختصارات لوحة التحكم:

Start Right to Left

[[ltr(Command + Shift + <)]]

Start Left to Right

[[ltr(Command + Shift + >)]]

End Direction

[[ltr(Command + /)]]

ملاحظة: لا يوجد هناك اختصار لاختيار اتجاه جزء من الفقرة، لأن هذا يستخدم نادرا وخصوصا في الإصدار الثاني الذي يجعلك تختار كل الوثيقة و تعديل كل الفقرات من أمر واحد من القائمة.


هل من الممكن تغير اختصارات لوحة التحكم؟

The shortcuts to this service can contain a letter with or without the shift key. The Control or Option/Alt keys can not be used, neither the right or left arrows which are already taken by other applications. See DirectionService/support for my plans for the next version.

How can I update my DirectionService? I can't replace the old version with the new one? Help!

You can't delete an active service when the application is running. The easiest way is to move the service file out of the Services folder and put the new version inside, then Log Out. After you Log In, the new version will be active and you can trash the old version.


تحكم باتجاه الكتابة - DirectionService

Copyright © 2003 Nir Soffer

إن هذا البرنامج مجاني ؛ يمكنك توزيعه و/أو تعديله تحت تعليمات ال GNU General Public License كما هو منشور في Free Software Foundation أما نسخة 2 من الرخصة أو باختيارك أي نسخة تالية.

نأمل أن يكون هذا البرنامج مفيد لكن من دون ضمانات. الرجاء زيارة موقع ال GNU General Public License للمزيد من التفسير [WWW]


--نير سوفر

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